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My art world flows as Altered-E-Art.  Bits and pieces speak to me.


I have spent much of my artist life in 3-dimensions - altering - working in clay and in mixed-media with found objects, but always at my side is the world of collage. 


Digital collage opened a broad world to me. Photographed images. Found images. Scanned images. 'Googled' images.  Created images. Altered images. 


I am attracted to retro and vintage images, often echoing the world of the stylized movies of the 30's to early 50's. Signage and artifacts draw my attention. I amplify and alter my images and like to include incongruous elements for a bit of surprise, of touch of the surreal.


I especially enjoy 'collaging' while traveling, using my own photographs as the background. Check out my 'regional' collages.

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